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Rax Rion
This is the origin of a character in me and my brother's super-hero cinematic universe. Starting with 'STAR BOOSTER'.

Rax Rion is from the star known to humans a R_Sculptoris, a red giant which has a anomalous spiral. Unbeknownst to scientists of Earth (for instance), it's spiral is this star's primordial disk, and though it does not form planets suitable for life, the spirals holds the ability use unique microscopic organisms riding on asteroids passing through the star which adapted at an highly-extranormal rate to adopt the physics of this strange star.

Billions of years ago, these organisms adapted to the physics of these stars by gathering the gases of the star as they move on asteroids between the rings in the spiral and formed a cosmic nebula-like field around them and hundreds of thousands of years later (Due to being half unique organisms-half star) then formed like new born stars in it's parent nebulous womb.

After 485,642 years they gained roughly average adult human sized bodies, most shaped as a normal star but some became L-Stars (or Brown Dwarfs). They gained their equivalent to fully organic brains located at their bodies' center. (We will call their race the "Sculptorisai") They became intelligent. Interested in one another. When one is near another for 20 days (Earth time), the sub-nebula forms again, but this type is between those beings who are near each other which springs forth new life, and communicating using electromagnetic impulses of altering frequencies from their brains.

49,000,000 years later, Rax Rion and Doaar Daie (-Day) was born of separate parents became close friends while they grew along the years but due to the Sculptorisai being curious and fearing the possibilities from overpopulation they were told by their parents to not be near each other along a 20 day time span unless they need more members for the Sculptorisai Space Exploration Guild. 170,652 years later, Rion and Daie (in their equivalent to Earth young adults) learned the Sculptorisai ability to project their plasma towards one direction and quickly combusting the plasma stream to jettison themselves across space.

Their travels lead them to meeting a religious race called the Maraxins from the planet Raious (Their race's name themselves Maraxins cause it means organic and their planet Raious cause it means rocky) who were shaped like humans but with no eyes though their face has a highly sensitive membrane in it's place that detects even the slightest air and temperature shifts. Rax, Doaar and the other 51 Sculptorisai explorers befriended the peaceful race, quickly adapted to Raious' semi-thick atmosphere by forming a suitable membrane on their bodies (Thus stopping their starry bodies from setting the atmosphere ablaze) and lived with them for 506 years.

Their time amongst the Maraxins lead to them adapting to the Maraxins physiology and becoming human like but kept their starry physical structure. They also practiced learning what else their bodies are capable of, including projecting plasma streams from their hands (Like Doaar learned to do) while others project it from their heads (Rax learned this), seeing into all of the electromagnetic spectrum, flying at high speeds and lifting massive boulders. The Maraxins clothed them with form-fitting wear like their own which also includes with symbols pertaining to their gods. The Sculptorisai wished to report back to R Sculptoris' leaders (Their parents) and peacefully left with each race giving a farewell. As Rax, Doaar and the other 51 spoke with their parents and other elder Sculptorisai about what they learned, Rax expressed becoming the new and sole leader of R Sculptoris, Doaar had interest in this but expressed rathering the Sculptorisai Elders remain the leaders.

The first ever expression of aggravation on R Sculptoris came from Rax Rion after the Elders rejected him.

To be continued on the page for Star Booster.
Gina Silverman/Silver
(Portrayed by Candice Patton)


Gina Silverman is 20 years young (Per 2012) and is from Milwaukee, Tennessee. Her silver jacket that was given to her by her aunt August Silverman is under a agreement/pact made in 1885 between Gina's ancestor, Penny Gallian and beings from another dimension by using a separate form of voodoo which caused her brain's electromagnetic impulses to be detected by those beings (Who are like brownish-blue oval globules of nebulae with the primary being 1646' 6" tall and having as many eyes on it's head as there are universes) who's goal is to live in every universe. But they are not giving their intentions clarity.

[Further Details To Be Given]
Whitespawn\Linda Copper
(Portayed by Jennifer Connely)

[Continuing from Redspawn's description]

[To Be Given]
Noloid Nova
(Portayed by Brandon Routh)

Noloid Nova is a scientist from the planet Ulin of the Triangulum Galaxy who specializes in stellar energy...

[Further Description To Be Given]
Takeru Mamoto/The Dakukuro (Darkclaw)
(Portrayed by Jung Ji-Hoon/Rain)

Takeru Mamoto is a member of the Chi no Shikaku (Assassins of Blood), a Japanese-based group of assassins formed in 2005 who are willing to use their high-grade stealth, combat capabilities and modern technology to defend Japan from crime unoticed.

[Further Details To Be Given]


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